XENIA RESORT 10241 Route 23A Hunter, NY 12442
Tel. (518) 263-4391 Email. xeniaresort@gmail.com



The Xenia Resort has a wood themed décor throughout our two lodging buildings. In addition to the comfortable and cozy rooms, Xenia Resort features wide terraces with summer tables, a panoramic view of the creeks and mountains, and original artworks decorating our unique dining hall. Also on the premises are a large sauna room, billiards, table tennis, a playground, and of course our two soothing creeks with beach chairs and fire pits for evening bonfires. Fishing licenses can be obtained by our guests to take advantage of some of the best trout fishing in the country.

Our 25 lodging rooms have all necessary personal amenities and can comfortably accommodate 2, 3 or 4 people. For guests who desire a more luxurious experience, we have one suite with a personal Jacuzzi and enclosed terrace access. For larger families, we offer two 2 bedroom suites, one with its own fireplace.

dining experience
- a treat all its own!...

All of our guests are provided with three full meals a day in our renowned dining hall, run by our own lovely chef, a former restaurateur from Ukraine. The Xenia Resort has become well known and celebrated for its delicious and nutritious homemade food. While we are very conscious of the nutritional value of our offerings, we also serve the most mouth watering Ukrainian ‘comfort food’ you have ever tasted! Some of our offerings are Ukrainian borsch with pierozhki, homemade pierogies, stuffed cabbage (called ‘holubtsi’ in Ukrainian), mushroom rolls, blintzes with meat and cheese, and homemade pancakes and fritters. We also make sausage, ham and homemade rolls smoked with cherry wood. In addition, we use organic vegetables, and locally sourced dairy products, eggs and seasonal vegetables and herbs. Rather than sodas and other artificial soft drinks, we serve pure artesian water from a depth of 240 feet. Of course, tea and coffee are always available

homemade bakery
and organic honey

To supplement our dining hall offerings, we always have organic honey collected from local wildflowers and fresh delicious homemade bread and bakery. These products are always available for purchase by guests who want to bring some of our ‘goodies’ home with them.

of healing

Because of its natural beauty, comforting environment and numerous amenities, the Xenia Resort has been blessed to host a variety of natural healing and spiritual events and retreats over the years. These have included Yoga retreats, primordial voice retreats, raw food diet retreats and seminars, rejuvenation retreats, and other gatherings of like-minded people who have found the Xenia Resort to be an ideal location for rest, rejuvenation, and spiritual growth and transformation. Each year we host a three day gathering of individuals from around the country, and some from overseas, who participate in a retreat called Each One Teach One, where true spiritual seekers share their experiences and wisdom, creating an energy that brings tears to many participants’ eyes when they leave, very often with the statement “This has changed my life…”, and the pledge, “I’ll be back next year!” We feel that these retreats and gatherings have infused our resort with a positive, loving energy that all guests feel throughout the year.

Gratuities and 8% ST not included. No pets allowed.